Principles Research

7 Minute Snapshot: Design Sprints

How you can use Design Sprints to get ahead of the competition

From SMEs to Corporates, find out how to use design sprints to drive internal innovation and accelerate business growth

What will I learn?

We’ve distilled our work with blue chip clients into a concise, easy to use guide. Spare us seven minutes and you’ll learn:

  • Ideas on how to stay ahead of the competition through innovation at a rapid pace
  • A plan for running your first design sprint and how to get stakeholder buy-in for it
  • A user-first approach to product and service design, increasing your chance of success in-market
  • Risk and time-to-market reduction by hacking the traditional blockers to innovation: culture and significant investment

Who we are

  • We’re a First Principles™ insight agency meaning we begin projects by making as few assumptions as possible. All of our insight programmes are bespoke, tailored to meet each unique client challenge.
  • Our specialisms are customer insight, design, development and digital marketing
  • A 70+ strong team with offices in London and Leeds