Principles Research

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Discover the value research can provide B2B businesses

A guide showcasing how to effectively conduct B2B research, gathering impactful insights in a cost efficient way.

What will I learn?

We’ve summarised our knowledge within the sector into a concise report which explores:

  • An assessment of how B2B audiences differ from B2C
  • Understanding your business needs and goals
  • How to identify the right audience for your project and encourage them to participate
  • Methodologies which can be best suited to B2B respondent needs
  • Understanding how the outputs need to be communicated

Who we are

  • We’re a First Principles™ insight agency meaning we begin projects by making as few assumptions as possible. All of our insight programmes are bespoke, tailored to meet each unique client challenge.
  • Our specialisms are customer insight, design, development and digital marketing
  • A 70+ strong team based in Leeds servicing clients across the globe