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Sustainability is important to 85% of consumers. Find out how it affects your business here.

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What will I learn?

We’ve summarised our self sponsored sustainability study into a concise report which explores:

  • Consumer’s current sustainable actions and future intentions
  • The war on plastic and beyond – what’s next?
  • Consumer’s willingness to pay across various major sectors
  • Brand specific performance in sustainability

This report includes some highlights from our study, but we have plenty more we are keen to share, just get in touch to find out more

Who we are

  • We’re a First Principles™ insight agency meaning we begin projects by making as few assumptions as possible. All of our insight programmes are bespoke, tailored to meet each unique client challenge.
  • Our specialisms are customer insight, design, development and digital marketing
  • A 30+ strong team based in Leeds servicing clients across the globe

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